8 of the best jobs for dog lovers

Dog Walking Dec 02, 2020

"Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life". Or so the saying goes. But how true is it? And is it really possible to work with dogs and still make a living? And what opportunities are there if your passion is pooch related?

Well, don't worry if it sounds like the impossible dream because we've done the research for you. And here are our top dream jobs for dog lovers that you might want to explore.

1. Dog Walker

Dog walking is quickly becoming more than just a side hustle and fast becoming a popular career path for people who want flexibility and have a love of dogs and the outdoors. Dog walking is a great way to get exercise, explore the city, or bush, and earn a living.

With people travelling more often, for work and pleasure, dog owners are more and more looking to the pet care industry for help. But it's not only dog walkers that are in demand there is a range of areas you can expand into.

  • Dog sitting
  • Dog groomer
  • Drop-in puppy visitor

2. Vet

Obviously, this entails a proper commitment to many years of study plus a love and talent for academia. But if you’re totally committed to helping all creatures great and small, this could be a rewarding vocation.

  • As a vet, you’ll help keep dogs and other animals healthy and happy
  • You’ll also get to work with a variety of animals - domestic and native
  • A career as a vet is rewarding, but you'll need to be smart

3. Veterinary Nurse

Vet assistants and nurses provide care to our four-legged friends without the long term commitment to study. And while caring for sick or injured animals can be challenging work, imagine the rewards. Plus there are a few different pathways to this career, including TAFE and community college qualifications with plenty of opportunity to upskill later on.

Studying for vet assistant or nursing certification is usually a less intimidating 2-3 years. Plus you can choose to go on and specialize in different areas such as:

  • Dentistry
  • Zookeeper (if you feel suited to the wilder type of dogs)
  • Surgery
  • Consultations

4. Certified Dog Trainer

As you would imagine being a dog trainer takes a whole lot of patience. But if you have plenty of it, then this career may be perfect for you.

You need to become certified and keep up to date with accreditation and the latest industry techniques. But you'll also get the opportunity to do some awesome and rewarding things like:

  • Teaching basic commands to all those cute puppies
  • Temperament testing rescue dogs for rehoming
  • Service dog training. Helping humans and pups live healthier, happier, and safer lives

6. Dog Whisperer

Curious about your dog's quirky habits? This career means you'll try and discover the causes and triggers to certain behaviours. As an animal behaviourist, you’ll get to help families address these problem areas and improve family life.

Dog behaviourists often spend time with families and their pooches in their homes. They observe relationships between a family and pup to figure out and solve issues. So you’ll need to be a people person too.

There are postgraduate programs in Animal Behavior. And a foundation in biology/ psychology will help get you to your goal.

7. K9 Police Officer

To become a K9 handler, you'll also need to be passionate about a career in policing. Plus have some time and experience on the force before you'll be considered for the program. Also, of course, you’ll need to be passionate about dogs.

K9 police dogs help police carry out a range of duties including:

  • Locating drugs and hazardous materials
  • Finding missing people
  • Crime scene evidence retrieval
  • Search-and-rescue missions
  • Protecting their partner (you)

8. Doggy Day Care Provider

Creating your own doggy daycare business or even being lucky enough to work at one must be every dog lovers dream job. There aren't any formal qualifications but you will need to be certified in pet CPR and first aid, plus have experience, and confidence, around dogs.

If you’re planning on running your own doggy daycare, you'll need to consider things like:

  • Noise and your neighbours
  • The amenities you can offer
  • local laws and regulations- such dog limits per household/building
  • Space

You'll need planning and certification, most likely, so check with your local council. But then you get to create a doggy haven.                                                                  
The bottom line                                                                                                                          
If you like the sound of any of these and believe you have what it takes, perhaps it's time to follow your dream and go for it. And we might be biased but we think dog walking is a great first, or even long-term, career choice. So, get in touch if you’re a good fit for Dogg and become one of the pack.

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