7 Ways To Tell When A Dog Really Likes You

Dog Tips Nov 01, 2019

We'll assume that you decided to be a dog walker primarily because you like dogs. You probably even love them. But can you tell when the feeling is mutual?

While a big hug is usually a good sign that another human is fond of you, dogs express themselves differently. And we're not just talking about those sloppy kisses; some are more nuanced.

Being able to understand the dogs you care for a little better will allow you to develop a deeper bond and a stronger connection to them.

So we're going to highlight 7 ways a dog might show affection that you may not even be aware of.

That face

Dogs use body language, tail wagging, growls, barks and whines, to fill us in on what they are feeling.

But those it's quirky eyebrow movements that really tug at the heartstrings. And as it turns out, it may even mean they love us too. And they want us to know it.

According to research, dogs have learnt to evoke a loving response from their humans by manipulating us with this cuteness factor.


When we yawn the person next to us will generally yawn too. But have you ever noticed that a dog will do the same?

If you have, you’ve probably also observed that canines will only copy a yawn from people they’re familiar with. That’s because yawning is considered an empathetic gesture in humans. And when dogs do it, it's thought to have the same intent.

After dinner cuddles

It's no secret that dinner time is super crucial to any pooch. If you're regularly in charge of feeding a dog, you'll likely also find that a pup will seek you out for a nice cuddle after eating.

This is a big fat thank you and I love you from a very content pooch.


Dogs want to be a part of everything in your life. And they use their paws to remind you that they’re there. As pack animals, they touch for affection, warmth and security.

Similarly, pups will often express affection for humans by sleeping next to them and resting a paw, or head, on your body

Sometimes a pooch will paw you for attention. From wanting some playtime to showing love, or even a gentle reminder about dinner.

Pay attention to the message but careful not to encourage things like pawing for food.

Eye contact

Lengthy eye contact with a dog you don't know may be seen as a challenge and isn't a great idea. But when it comes to dogs you're familiar with, it's a different story. Eye contact can also be a great way to communicate affection between dogs and humans.

When a pup you care for looks into your eyes, they’re expressing affection for you. And research suggests that Oxytocin levels increase in both humans and canines when this happens.

Calm When You Leave

This may surprise you, but if a pooch is calm when you leave, it's a sign they love you. It's really a trust thing and means a dog is confident that you'll return.

When you do return, there's usually a whole lot of enthusiasm. When a dog starts bouncing around you, it's because they're fond of you. Often jumping up to get closer to your face.

Rolling onto their back, tail wagging, for belly rubs shows a sense of trust and relaxation. A sign they're definitely into you.


When you arrive to walk a dog, you'll likely be greeted with many of the above actions. The pooches you care for are not only excited at the prospect of some exercise, but they're simply happy to see you too.

Science has actually shown that dogs have a unique ability to form affectionate relationships. It's this and not their intelligence that has helped them build strong bonds with humans.

Dogs love the sound and scent of the people they love. They generally drop whatever they’re doing to greet you. Being greeted by a dog is a welcome that's hard to beat, but dogs are more complex than they get credit for.  And we think this list shows just how amazing canines really are.

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